i just wanna bring you down so badly in the worst way

Last Updated June 27, 2010

Nicknames: jaaye.x3
From: 64 but livin it up in tbay
Occupation: living life to the fullest !
Hobbies: blazing&drankin&sleeping thats aboout it daily stuff
Quote: your justa bitch that cant handle your shit

ilove this picture becuz of clay looks funny and serena look clueless and i just kill it

June27/2010: eyeaaaah just thought id come by here since im really bored like fuck its boring but bet chu ill be really bored up in ... haven't been seening daylight after school got out for ze summer beeen sleeping my days a ways ohwill ill stay up all night just to see the sunrise LOL ever deadly gunna go sit outside and take a couple hits then peace out to sleeep i guess but yeaaah good night errone  :)


I just wanna bring you down so badly while I trip over everything you say well I just wanna break you down so badly in the worst way .

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